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The below FFL Dealers List was obtained from the BATF website page: ATF Listing of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) - 2016. makes no claims to the accuracy or completeness of the list as presented here. Also, the list presented here shows just the Type 01 FFL Dealers (Dealers in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices). To view the most current and official listings of FFL Dealers, visit the BATF website. This list is only provided as an informational resource for the customers to assist in finding an FFL dealer in their state, so that the purchased firearm(s) can be transferred/shipped to. (Note: We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii, so we cannot accept orders from those States. We have removed the FFL Dealers from AK and HI from the FFL Dealers List table.)

When purchasing firearms from

Firearms purchases on the website cannot be shipped directly to the purchaser (unless the purchaser has a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL).
By law, we must ship the firearm(s) ONLY to individuals or agencies (i.e. gun dealers) in possession of a valid FFL. At which point, that FFL dealer will process the transfer paperwork for the purchaser, in accordance with their Local, State and Federal firearms regulations. Click here to view instructions for purchasing firearms on

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Provide Copy of the Dealer Federal Firearms License (FFL)

When you have completed your firearm purchase and have found an FFL Dealer to process the transfer, use this form to submit a copy of the dealer's FFL (we cannot ship your order until we receive the FFL):


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